PARTIAL VIEWS FROM AN ARTIST'S SPACE (Allegories of Capital), 2007

Framed by a passageway at Artists Space, two facing walls present different world views:

left wall: 4 rows with 160 c-prints map capital's uneven and sclerotic impact on various spaces and times. From top, row 1: Earth morphs into the Death Star; row 2: GoogleEarth satellite images of 40 megacities; row 3: Flickr snapshots taken at each city; row 4: YouTube screenshots of parkour sequence in reverse.

right wall: Single c-print of NASA's Earth Rise, the first picture of whole Earth as originally photographed by Apollo 8 in 1968. Rest of the wall is blank, an invitation to imagine new worlds.

Installed at Artists Space, NY; Whitney Museum ISP Exhibition


artists space installation
cities grid